Developer API 1.0


The Castle Ads platform connects your systems, websites, and applications to advertiser campaigns and recent performance data in real time over HTTP.



All authentication is handled via a unique HTTP parameter token assigned to your account. For example, hitting the event API

wget \
        token=a7740b207caa6b861378dc280626edcb& \
        type=install&originId=c78a90bc-c285-4954-a948-ab630521d8e9::1975351199& \
Contact your account manager to retrieve an API Token.

Tracking URIs

An interface designed to handle click-like requests, typically with a 3XX response to an advertisement.


Parameter Type Description Required
clickId String Unique ID generated by external system FALSE
s1 String Traffic delineation 1 FALSE
s2 String Traffic delineation 2 FALSE
s3 String Traffic delineation 3 FALSE
s4 String Traffic delineation 4 FALSE
s5 String Traffic delineation 5 FALSE


Publisher maintains a travel blog, and intends to generate revenue by recommending his favorite mobile applications

$.get("", function(data) {
     // get recent offers from the campaigns API
     var offers = Offers(data['results'])
     var Expedia = offers.find('expedia')

     // generate a payable tracking link
     var trackingLink = Expedia.urlClick
     trackingLink += "clickId=" + ( + Utility.timestamp)
     trackingLink += "&s1=" + "Blog1"
     trackingLink += "&s2=" + User.referer.hostname

     // place in HTML widget
     $('#expediaWidget a').attr("href", trackingLink);


We are here to help. Please e-mail or contact your account manager with questions or concerns regarding this documentation or the API.